RI: 36
Sugar-free: (-3)

Those of you who get my A2U reports will have seen that A2U shut down unexpectedly this morning. Just wanted to let you know that this was caused by my laptop crashing. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

I have started to have thoughts over the past couple of days that are the sort that can lead me to bad behavior. I am not meditating on these thoughts, nor am I seeking them out. They are just appearing in my mind unbidden. Since I am actually actively working on meditating on better thoughts and am especially focused right now on communicating with God, I am guessing that these thoughts are a form of attack from the enemy. I am using the FREEdom process to Freeze-frame each thought, Run it by the Spirit, Expose the lies and Exchange them for God’s truth, and Exercise the truth in faith by the power of Jesus’ Spirit. This is a powerful process and very effective. It requires mindfulness, which I only achieve through constant help and strengthening from God. Staying connected to Christ (abiding in him) is vital.

Darah and I are going sugar-free after this weekend, through the week before Thanksgiving (about 60 days). This was Darah’s idea, and I am totally on-board. Sugar is such a struggle for me, and we have been a bit indulgent in that area for the last couple months of chaotic schedules. I am really looking forward to laying that down for a while. After 60 days, we will re-assess and carry on as the Spirit leads.

Sorry for the long post today!


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